Treat headlamp lenses instead of costly replacements

Das neue SONAX Scheinwerfer AufbereitungsSet sorgt für eine verbesserte Lichtausbeute und dauerhaften Schutz gegen erneutes Ausbleichen von Scheinwerferscheiben aus Kunststoff.

The anti-glare headlight lenses have to withstand a lot: climatic influences, UV radiation, acid rain, de-icing salt and road dirt, with time they will ensure that the plastic is matt and yellowed. This has a negative effect on the appearance – and on the safety too, when the headlamps suffer from „fatigue“. A costly replacement can often be avoided, however.

Our expert tip fpr this: For this purpose the SONAX Headlight restoration set was developed, it is specially adapted for the materials of modern vehicles and is simple to apply. The set contains four small pieces of abrasive paper, a special polish and a sealant – everything needed for the application.

The product freshens up yellowed and matt surfaces, smoothens out fine scratches and seals the surface of the sensitive protective coating.

The „before and after effect“ utterly convinces, with a difference like day and night: Due to the restored headlights the driver’s vision is perceptibly improved and he can be seen better as well. A major gain in road safety and a visible contribution towards value retention. The set is sufficient for about four applications.

The new SONAX Headlight restoration set provides improved luminous efficiency and durable protection against renewed bleaching out for plastic headlight lenses.


Set for a cost effective manual restoration of age related yellowed and matt plastic headlights. In 2 easy steps yellowing, dullness and fine scratches are removed, prior to the long term sealing of the treated surfaces, which are then durably protected against renewed bleaching out. The application restores the headlight’s original clarity. Besides the beautiful appearance of the headlights and a value enhancement for the entire vehicle, the improved luminous efficiency ensures greater driving safety through the ability to see and be seen. For 2 applications on 2 headlights.
Article Number Contents
04059410 85 ml


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