Our Corporate Philosophy

Our Corporate Philosophy

We, SONAX GmbH, see ourselves as an innovative company that develops, manufactures or purchases and markets chemical products, suitable accessories and services for cleaning, care and conditioning of surfaces with a focus on vehicles.

Our Programme of Services

Under the umbrella brand SONAX we offer a competitive and comprehensive assortment, primarily for the cleaning and care of vehicles.

Through highest quality, and a price policy in the upper range and through environmentally proactive and innovative products we strive to promote SONAX as a powerful brand.

Contract manufacturing and peripheral product lines are to promote the SONAX brand development.

Our envisaged market position

Our intention is to expand our market leadership in the domestic DIY sector and to achieve a sustainable increase of our market share in the other product areas.

We also aim to establish and/or expand our market share in attractive markets abroad in financially acceptable steps.

Our additional success factors

We see customer orientation and a readiness for innovation as core components of our corporate culture.

We strive for a constant development of product quality and business processes with clear corporate objectives.

Our own development and manufacturing facilities give us power on the market and an ability to react promptly in response to customer requirements.

With these success factors we aim to stand out from the competition, to achieve our financial objectives in a balanced way and thus support a sustainable growth.

Our code of conduct

We promote the satisfaction of

  • the customer through continual customer orientation and
  • the employee through cooperative leadership and freedom to act independently.

We strive for successful partnerships of mutual benefit with our customers and suppliers. The foundation is transparent conduct and integrity, which is based upon:

  • Respect for human rights;
  • Non-discriminatory dealings with people;
  • The respect for fundamental rights in the workplace;
  • The repudiation of forced labour and child labour;
  • and the rejection of bribery and corruption.

We are aware of our responsibilities to the environment as well as health and safety in the workplace. As part of our environmental and energy policy, our occupational and health safety policy as well as our corporate responsibility code, we have developed rules which should motivate every employee to succeed in our objectives.