SONAX XTREME Polish+Wax 2 Hybrid NPT

Product with medium abrasive effect against fine scratches and haze. Together with the new Hybrid NetProtection Technology, the optimal balance of extremely fine polishing granules gives greyed paintwork new brilliance, colour depth and protection. The Hybrid NetProtection Technology combines special inorganic and organic components to a durable, weatherproof layer. The surface captivates by gentle smoothness, a brilliant high gloss and an outstanding lotus effect.

Article Number: 02072000
Contents: 500 ml

Additional product information:

Article Number: 02071000
Contents: 250 ml
Article Number: 04162410
Contents: 2 piece/s
Article Number: 04173410
Contents: 1 piece/s


Polish based on nano-technology, for use on all standard, metallic andscratch resistant paints. Especially developed for nearly new and slightly dull paint conditions. Polishing agents remove abrasions from car-washes and gives a deep shine. Carnauba Wax gives long-term protection and, due to nanotechnology polishes out really well.
Article Number Contents
02071000 250 ml
Article Number Contents
02078410 500 ml
Ideal for finishing off after the paintwork care. The extremely absorbent active microfibres absorb the wax and polish residues, leaving a shining paintwork surface. The best results are obtained by using the cloth dry.
Article Number Contents
04162410 2 piece/s
Rapidly yields perfect polishing results without any effort. Ergonomic polishing ball: facilitates manual polishing while improving the polishing result. Suitable for all SONAX polishes. Sponge can be removed for easy cleaning with warm water.
Article Number Contents
04173410 1 piece/s

Care Tips

Before setting out on a holiday trip with the camper, not only is it important to check on the tyre pressure ...

XTREME Series / Exterior, Paintwork and Chrome / Tyres, Rims, Rubber / Accessories and Aids / Technical and Workshop

Ideal for car care and a good idea for the household.

A short while ago, a colleague informed me that she uses her husband’s car care products in the home. Can that be true, and if so what can I use?“ asks Franziska from Halberstadt.

A car's paintwork is exposed to all weathers, as well as mechanical wear and tear.