SONAX Smoke-Ex

Eradicates nicotine, animal and other unpleasant smells in the car and home. Neutralizes unpleasant odours. Suitable for upholstery, seats, carpets, curtains, textiles, shoes, clothes and is also suitable as room freshener. Fresh, pleasant smell.

Article Number: 02922410
Contents: 500 ml

Additional product information:

Article Number: 02902410
Contents: 500 ml


Reliably and lastingly removes unpleasant odours like animal secretions and cigarette smoke from textiles such as e.g. upholstery, carpets, fabrics, shoes and clothing. Vegetable based neutralising substances penetrate deeply into the fibres and bind the bad smelling particles. With fresh Green Lemon fragrance.
Article Number Contents
02902410 500 ml

Care Tips

Before setting out on a holiday trip with the camper, not only is it important to check on the tyre pressure ...

Upholstery covers and interior textiles get a lot of wear and tear from dust, road grime and every day usage.


Eradicates nicotine, animal and other unpleasant adpirs in the car and at home. The product does not just mask the unpleasant odours, it neutralizes them.