SONAX Car wash shampoo

Thoroughly removes all types of dirt, and is gentle to paintwork. Suitable for cleaning all paintwork surfaces, metal, glass, plastics, rubber, tiles, porcelain and enamelled surfaces. 100 ml give 10 l of washing liquid. Phosphate-free.

Article Number: 03145410
Contents: 2 l

Additional product information:

Article Number: 03143000
Contents: 1 l
Article Number: 03145000
Contents: 5 l
Article Number: 04174000
Contents: 1 piece/s
Article Number: 04280000
Contents: 1 piece/s


  • Shampoo for manual car wash

  • Removes dirt quickly and thoroughly

  • Is gentle on the paintwork and possibly existing protective wax layers

  • Also suitable for high-pressure cleaners

  • Phosphate free


Concentrated cleaning strength for manual car washing. Removes typical road dirt quickly and thoroughly and is gentle to the paint surface. Phosphate-free.
Article Number Contents
03143000 1 l
Concentrated shampoo with refreshingly fruity fragrance.
Article Number Contents
03185410 2 l
Shampoo concentrate with fresh scent
Article Number Contents
03245410 2 l
Removes the dirt quickly and thoroughly from all paintwork, rubber, plastic, vinyl and glass surfaces. Gentle on paintwork due to its pH neutral formulation and does not adversely affect existing protective wax coatings. Also suitable for use in high pressure cleaners. With Ocean fragrance.
Article Number Contents
03255410 2 l
Silicone lip for rapidly and extensively drying off vehicles. Clings to the vehicle‘s contours avoiding scratches.
Article Number Contents
04174000 1 piece/s
The all-rounder for car cleaning. Particularly absorbent. With two different application surfaces. The grey side has a soft texture and is formulated for general vehicle cleaning. The white side has a rougher surface and is useful for removing more stubborn dirt (e.g. insects).
Article Number Contents
04280000 1 piece/s

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