SONAX Dirt eraser

Cleaning sponge for eradicating stubborn stains on unpainted plastic components (e.g. scuff marks or shoe polish stains on the lower door panels). For exterior use, it removes wax and polish resi-due from bumpers, mouldings and rubber. It is also suitable for removing insect dirt from glass.

Article Number: 04160000
Contents: 2 piece/s

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Care Tips

Before setting out on a holiday trip with the camper, not only is it important to check on the tyre pressure ...

XTREME Series / Exterior, Paintwork and Chrome / Tyres, Rims, Rubber / Accessories and Aids / Technical and Workshop

Ideal for car care and a good idea for the household.

A short while ago, a colleague informed me that she uses her husband’s car care products in the home. Can that be true, and if so what can I use?“ asks Franziska from Halberstadt.


Thoroughly and gently removes even stubborn dirt from car interior trims, upholstered seats, textile covery, plastic roof linings and sun roof. Leaves a fresh fragrance in the car.


The SONAX Dirt eraser helps with polish residues on plastics: slightly moisten it and simply rub off residues. Tip: treat rubber and plastic parts with SONAX Xtreme plastic restorer gel Nano Pro before polishing the paintwork.