The SONAX XTREME Wash+Seal Wash and Sealant is the quickest way to a clean, well maintained and protected vehicle. A simple car wash provides a mirror shine, and a long lasting water and dirt repellent  conservation. Also ideal for long term sealed vehicles to freshen up the water repellent effect. 

Article Number: 02442000
Contents: 500 ml

Additional product information:

Article Number: 04163000
Contents: 1 piece/s
Article Number: 04174000
Contents: 1 piece/s
Article Number: 04280000
Contents: 1 piece/s
Article Number: 04281000
Contents: 1 piece/s
Article Number: 04282000
Contents: 1 piece/s
Article Number: 04508000
Contents: 1 piece/s


  • extremely quick and easy
  • incredibly economical: lasting shine and protection for up to 20 vehicle washes


  • Rinse the coarser dirt from the vehicle with a strong water jet.
  • Shake bottle before use. Remove dosage from bottle base and fill it up to half (approx. 25ml).
  • Dissolve fluid in 10 ltr. of warm water and foam up.
  • Wash the vehicle from top to bottom with a SONAX Multi Sponge.
  • Rinse off afterwards with plenty of clean water and wipe dry. 


100% natural product for drying paintwork surfaces, glass and mirrors, without stains or streaks.
Article Number Contents
04163000 1 piece/s
Silicone lip for rapidly and extensively drying off vehicles. Clings to the vehicle‘s contours avoiding scratches.
Article Number Contents
04174000 1 piece/s
The all-rounder for car cleaning. Particularly absorbent. With two different application surfaces. The grey side has a soft texture and is formulated for general vehicle cleaning. The white side has a rougher surface and is useful for removing more stubborn dirt (e.g. insects).
Article Number Contents
04280000 1 piece/s
With 2 different microfibre surfaces: The long chenille fibres clean especially gently, are very absorbent and enhance foaming. The smooth side facilitates the removal of stubborn dirt.
Article Number Contents
04281000 1 piece/s
Practical and convenient glove for the cleaning of vehicle exterior areas. The soft and smooth microfibre quality ensures a thorough and gentle cleaning of all paintwork, glass and plastic surfaces. Intensive cleaning with maximum surface protection: The dirt is held in the fibres and cannot, therefore, scratch the surfaces. The ergonomic shape of the glove, with thumb and a separating seam in the finger area, as well as the elastic cuff, prevents it from twisting or slipping off. Material composition: 79% Polyester, 21% Polyamide.
Article Number Contents
04282000 1 piece/s
The ideal accessory for time saving, easy vehicle drying, that is gentle on the paintwork. With rounded off corners and mitt-stitched edges. The extremely dense and long fibred microfibre cloth with a net weight of 600g/m² can absorb ca. 10 times its own weight in water.
Article Number Contents
04508000 1 piece/s