SONAX XTREME Tyre Gloss Spray Wet Look

SONAX XTREME Tyre Gloss Spray for a long lasting, rich, deep shine and that wet look for the tyres. The rubber is simultaneously maintained and, with regular application, protected against cracking, premature aging, brown discolouration and colour bleaching. The deep black and shiny appearance will last for several weeks. Suitable for all types of tyre. Extremely easy to apply: Spray on thinly, allow to work in, ready.

Article Number: 02353000
Contents: 400 ml

Additional product information:


  • Wheel gloss and gentle care in one
  • For a long-lasting, wet black deep shine. The brilliant appearance lasts for several weeks.
  • Maintains rubber and prevents cracking, premature ageing, brown discolouration and colour fading when used regularly.
  • Extremely easy to apply: spray on thinly, allow to work in, done.
  • For all types of tyres. Sufficient for up to 40 tyres.


Gives all tyre types an ultimate, glossy black wet look.
Article Number Contents
02352410 500 ml

Care Tips

Road grime and brake dust stuck fast on the racy alloy rims - that hurts every car owner.

XTREME Series / Tyres, Rims, Rubber

Wellness for the precious metal

Although the dirt is not as noticeable on dark lacquered rims, nevertheless they ought to be regularly cleaned, just like the rims in classic design, before those beautiful wheels are attacked by aggressive dirt contamination.

XTREME Series / Tyres, Rims, Rubber

„Spring cleaning“ for winter wheels

When it’s time to change over to summer tyres, you should take the opportunity to thoroughly clean off the winter dirt contamination and to care for the tyres and wheels. Be sure to use an acid free wheel cleaner.



For the second time, the „Theo“ Tuning Award has been presented, in a survey by the magazines “VW Speed and “Tuning”. After a respectable second place last year, the title for the most popular car care brand within the tuning scene goes for the first time to SONAX. more