SONAX XTREME AntiFreeze & Clear View -20°C

SONAX XTREME Antifreeze & clear view ready to use with Smart Dynamics Technology, ready mix for the windscreen wiper system in winter. Superb cleaning power and faster removal of streaks, thanks to SMART DYNAMICS TECHNOLOGY. Fewer wiper cycles; less consumption. Suitable for fan nozzles. Absolutely compatible with paintwork and plastics. Keeps rubber supple. With fresh fragrance. Functional principle Smart Dynamics Technology: Specially developed, highly efficient cleaning surfactants reduce the surface tension of the water within the shortest time. Now, within fractions of a second, the dirt can be surrounded, reduced and removed. For a super cleaning performance with fewer wiper cycles and reduced consumption.

Article Number: 02324000
Contents: 3 l

Additional product information:


  • with Smart Dynamics Technology
  • Excellent cleaning power and faster streak eradication
  • Fewer wiper cycles - less consumption