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4 Jul 2017 13:07

SONAX at the ADAC Truck Grand Prix in Nürburgring

From June 29th to July 2nd the asphalt at the Nürburgring will be glowing again when the racing fans on the trucker scene will be gathering for the third from a total of nineraces in this years international ADAC Truck Grand Prix. About 130,000 spectators are expected at the mega event. The SONAX experts can be found in the paddock at the Stand G 11.

Most truckers will already be familiar with SONAX care products from the automotive sector, although many of the customary packaging sizes are obviously too small. You can do a fantastic job of shining up chromed HGV parts with a 150 ml tube of the new SONAX Xtreme Metal Polish, but far larger amounts would be required for the entire vehicle. SONAX has reacted to this situation and now supplies cleaning and care products especially for HGV cleaning, also in significantly larger containers. True to the motto „from professionals for professionals“, products such as tyre or cockpit care, wheel rim cleaners, special shampoos or windscreen wiper fluids are available in suitable container sizes. An ideal solution for repair shops is the container size of new articles which are available in 60 litre drums and upwards.

Interested parties can gather information at both events (on Saturday and Sunday), at the stand in the paddock, about the SONAX assortment, which offers  a great variety of cleaning and care products for gentle vehicle preparation.And naturally there is also application advice in the programme for tasks like the cleaning of HGV tarpaulins for which e.g. the mildly alkaline SONAX Multi Star is exactly the right product.

And with a little luck Asphalt Cowboy and SONAX Brand Ambassador, „Big Mike“ Cohnen as well as truck racer Sascha Lenz, Driver of the Year 2016, will visit the stand. Big Mike will be travelling to the Ring in his well known truck, with its particularly elegantly furnished interior. When it comes to the gentle care of his „travelling treasure“,the series star naturally relies on the products from SONAX. And Sascha Lenz also cleans and maintains his racing truck with the products from Neuburg. 

In 2017 the SONAX annual turnover has increased by 11 percent as against the previous year „and with that has in the last financial year had a turnover of around 115 million Euros.“  more
Fairs Events / 11 Jul 2017

SONAX at the Bike Show Eurobike 2017

On 30th August 2017, the Eurobike 2017 trade fair in Friedrichshafen opens its doors. As one of the leading bicycle trade fairs, with more than 1,350 exhibitors from around 50 countries, according to the organisers figures, the Eurobike is set to break all records.  more
Windscreen cleaners can smell good as well as working effectively. The new SONAX Antifreeze & Clear View Ice Fresh winter windscreen cleaner, for example, works really well and is especially conceived for the colder seasons.  more
"Piano lacquer" panels in vehicle interiors are modern and look stylish. When scratches tarnish the image, a good polish is recommended.  more
Classic , Fairs Events / 20 Aug 2016

SONAX in the fast lane in the classic car scene

The vintage car lovers joyful anticipation of the coming season was noticeable even during the Bremen Classic Motorshow at the beginning of February. The high demand for SONAX products and expert advice didn‘t leave much time for boredom.  more
It is friday, the first of july and we can present, especially for the weekend, the new care tip of the month. more
Care Tips / 14 Jun 2016

Removing insects protects the paintwork

Insects on the bonnet are the reason for damages in the paintwork. The longer they stick on it, the deeper the residues eat their way into the paintwork surface. more
SONAX will introduce the product innovations of the year at the Tuning World Bodensee from the 5th to the 8th of May. Furthermore, the visitors at the booth in hall B3 will be eagerly awaiting celebrities from the tuning scene: TV’s „HP-Profi“ „J.P.“ Kraemer will be meeting his fans at SONAX – as will US star customiser John D’Agostino. more
SONAX has been acclaimed „Brand of the Century“ for the second time. This cross sector award is presented every three years by a high ranking advisory council of the „Deutsche Standards Editionen“ publishing house to German brands which represent their industry in a unique manner. And we really set the standards in car care products with premium requirements. more
You probably know the problem: The front windscreen is actually new, but already scratched. This is especially disturbing against oncoming light. Potential causes could be a dirty windscreen or wiper blades, but it could also be the trusty old ice scraper. more